Let’s learn to Japanese proverb and saying Vol:4 God throw away something…?




The pronunciation is

“suteru kami areba hirou kami ari”


捨てる(suteru) means throwaway

神(kami) means God

拾う(hirou) means pickup


What is the meaning?



If someone abandoned you, someone help you. So if you had any kind of trouble,you don’t need to be pessimistic.



Have you seen the seven lucky gods?


By the way, do you know the seven lucky gods in Japan?

These gods are very popular in Japan. There are many products or stuff drawn these gods.

They has special meaning each gods.


恵比寿天 (Ebisuten)

Ebisuten is only Japanese god in seven lucky gods. He has Red snapper with his left hand and fishing rod with his right hand.

He is a symbol of fishing or business prosperity.



大黒天 (Daikokuten)

Daikokuten came from India. He has big bag and Uchideno-kozuchi, put on a Zukin(kind of hat).

He is a god of treasure and foods.


毘沙門天 (Bishamonten)

He is only a god wearing samurai costume in seven lucky gods. He can avoid to some sickness and bring happiness.




弁財天 (Benzaiten)

She is a only women’s god in seven lucky gods. She is a goodness of studies and music.




福禄寿 (Fukurokujyu)

He is an immortal came form China. He is 1,000 years old. He is a goodness of popularity and long life.





寿老人 (Jyuroujin)

He has stick with a scroll (sometimes fan) and Peach. This fan is able to send bad lucks away, Peach is a symbol of long life. So he is a goodness of long life also.





布袋尊 (Hoteison)

He has many treasure in his big bag to give people that believe gods. He is a goodness of matrimonial happiness,to be blessed with children and good fortune and happiness will come to the home of those who smile.




Let’s go to the shrines of each gods


If you thought

「I want to get every luck!」,

why don’t you visit to shrines each gods?


Actually, There are senen lucky god’s shrine around Shinjyuku, so you can visit them while you are sightseeing of Tokyo.



稲荷鬼王神社 (Inari-kiou-jinjya) for Ebisuten 2-17-5 at Kabukichou Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo check more



大乗山経王寺 (Daijyousan-Kyoouji) for Daikokuten at 1-14 Haramachi Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo check more



鎮護山善国寺 (CHingosan-Zenkokuji) for Bishamonten at 5-36 Kagurazaka Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo check more



厳嶋神社 (Itsukusima-jinjya) for Benzaiten at 8-5 Yochou-machi Sinjyuku Tokyo check more



大久保山永福寺 (Ookuboyama-Eifukuji) for Fukurokujyu at 7-11-2 Shinjyuku Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo   check more



春時山法善寺 (Shunjizan-Houzenji) for Jyuroujin at 6-20-16 Shinjyuku Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo   check more



霞関山太宗寺 (Kasumisekizan-Taisouji) for Hoteison at 2-9-2 Shinjyuku Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo   check more



In conculusion


How is this saying? I hope you enjoyed this topic 🙂

Let’s visit shrines and get some good lucks!!


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