Freddie Mercury loved Japanese culture


Do you know what Japanese culture he loved


If you love Freddie, you have seen some picture with Japanese culture.

For example, he worn Kimono on for his stage costumes.

So I’m talking about Japanese culture Freddie loved.

If you read all of topic, you can know about Freddie and Japan deeply 🙂



With Maiko-san



He loved Maikos of Kyoto. Have you seen Maiko-san? It’s difficult to meet to Maiko-san because they don’t accept the first customers.

But you might to see Maiko-san at Gion In Kyoto.



There are many Tamami rooms with Maiko-san at Gion. So you could see Maiko-san around there.

But! There are trial plan recently. If you are the first customer, you can play with Maikos*


Recommend you Maiko-san places


1 祇園 畑中 (Gion Hatanaka)

gion hatanaka

You can enjoy traditional Japanese dishes,play with Maiko-san, see dance of Maiko-san, take photo and more for 2.5 hours.

Place:   Gion Hatanaka in Kyoto


Price:   around JPY 19,000~ (including dishes)

You can book it here!



2 八坂 燕楽   (Yasaka enraku)

yasaka enraku 

You can enjoy with Maiko-san at the beautiful building structure. You will have special Kyoto dishes like  Oden(kind of japanese pottery), Yuba,Tofe and more.


Place:  Yasaka enraku in Kyoto


Price:  JPY 33,000 + 6,000(for dishes) for a person

You can book it here



3 日本橋葭町芸者 (Nihonbasi Yoshicho-geisha)

You can enjoy with Maiko-san even you are in Tokyo. It’s very reasonable. Also they do speak English so you might able to enjoy more an more!


Place:  Coredo Muromachi 3, third floor at Nihonbashi in Tokyo


Day:   Saturday

Price:  JPY 5,000

You can book it here
「But what is the Maiko-san actually…?」


They do Japanese “omotenashi” with traditional dance, music instruments and playing.

How do you play…?

Maiko Spring 2012: Konpira Fune Fune, Geisha Dinner Games 【HD】


お座敷遊び体験 @コレド室町「橋楽亭」



At tea ceremony



There are many picture about they were at tea ceremony. They loved green tea I guess.

Some Japanese people learn how to make “Ocha” (green tea), but it’s not that every Japanese can make Ocha.


what is the tea ceremony?


Tea Ceremonies. How to prepare the MATCHA.茶道の道具や意味を英語で説明してみよう!


Sado – Chado – Japanese Tea – 茶道 – My Life in Japan – 3 – English Lesson on Japanese Culture


If you want to know about Tea ceremony, please check here!


And if you arrived at Narita airport, you should join the free tea ceremony!

There are tea ceremony at 10:30-11:30 on every Thursday. (without January) You don’t need to book it.

If you are interested it, please check here



He had own Japanese garden



Freddie had own Japanese garden in his house in London.

Have you been to Japanese garden? I will show you some recommend gardens 🙂



1  昭和記念公園 (Showa kinen park)

showa kinen park

You can enjoy some flowers particularly for each seasons:)

place:  at 立川(tachikawa) station by JR chu-ou line


please check showa kinen park for more details!


2 新宿御苑 (sinjyuku gyoen)


There are the beautiful huge garden in Shinjuku. You can enjoy some nature and city at same time.

place:  at 新宿 (Shinjuku) in Tokyo   Shinjuku station by JR line, Metoro…end more


please check here for more details!


3 清澄庭園 (kiyosumi-teien)

It’s not huge garden like Shinjuku-gyoen, but very pretty. You can feel traditional Japanese garden exactly.

Place: at Kiyosumi in Tokyo   Kiyosumi station by O-edo line or Metoro Hanzo-mon line (exit E14 or Z11)


Please check here for more details!



stage costumes



They sometimes worn Kimono as their stage costumes.


what kind of kimono?



Two guys wear Kimono in the picture.

A kimono on our right, it’s called “Tomesode”.


This is the Tomesode. It’s formal dress for Mrs.

Mother of bride and groom put it on at wedding ceremony.


A kimono on our left, it’s called “Furisode”


This is the Furisode. It’s formal dress for Miss. Furisode has longer sleeves. And usually gorgeous textile.

We put it on at ceremony of 20 years celebration.



This kimono seems Furisode also.

If you want to know more detail of Kimonos, please check here!
These Kimonos are for women’s but they looks really cool and suit them!

And I like that style like mixing western clothes 🙂




How was this topic? I hope you enjoyed it *

I’m so happy they loved Japan. If you find some Japanese things form Queen, please check it about what kind of Japanese culture. It would be interesting 🙂