Let’s try to sew Japanese stitches “Sashiko”!


What is a Sashiko?


Sashiko is a kind of stitching. Especially we sew kitchen cloths with Sashiko called “Hana-Fukin”.  Mothers used to sew it to gift for their daughter when they get marry.

It supposed to sew Sashiko to be strong kitchen cloths. But now, we are enjoying it for art.


Let’s try!!

Let’s try to sew Sashiko together!!

things to prepare



1:needles (long and thick)

2:threads (for embroidery or sashiko)

3:pencil to draw a pattern


5:material about 32×32 (gauze or cotton)


I recommend you that kind of material.




step1: Ironing and making a pattern


I’m going to explain this pattern first! It’s called Shippo tsunagi(七宝つなぎ) means connecting by seven treasures.

This is a very famous and fortunate pattern.



Draw grid with the diameter of 3㎝ and make a pattern. I made a circle with the radius of 3㎝.


Fold bottom of material for 1㎝ to inside. If you use the gauze that I recommend you, you don’t need to fold other bottoms.



step2: drawing

Finished to draw a pattern like that!

I draw it with a pencil that able to erase by water.



step3: stitching


Stitching straight lines first.



Stitching curb lines next.


Measuring the distance of line you stitching. And then cut the thread.


Stitching like that way to every lines.


This is the back picture.





It is a point that don’t stitch every cornerslike in the picture.



How to sew the begin?


You don’t need to make knot bottom of thread. Then how to start to stitches?

Stitching to opposite way for 3 to 4 stitches.


Then pull thread up into inside the thread of bottom.


Turn it and then back stitch to only back side like in the picture.

If you don’t know how to sew “back stitch”, please check here!


Other patterns


Tsuno Kikko(角亀甲)


亀甲(kikko) means shell of turtles. It seems shell of turtles so called it.






青海波(seigaiha) means blue wave of sea. This is a kind of Japanese traditional pattern.

I like it so I have some stuff of seigaiha 🙂




Chidori tsunagi(千鳥つなぎ)


千鳥つなぎ(Chidori tsunagi) means connecting by thousand of birds.





My text book



I leaned them from this book! It’s very easy to understand and useful, but it’s instructed in Japanese…

But you might able to understand by some pictures I think! There are so many pics to explain how to stitch so.



In conculusion


How was it? It’s a simple stitching but very artistic I think.

Please try them if you are interested not to difficult so 🙂