I enjoy the Christmas day with Kimono!


Christmas is coming soon!But I’m going to work at Kimono store on Christmas day…

so I will try to enjoy it with Kimonos!! I have some ideas, Ummm…which coordinate is the best for Christmas day…? I can’t decide!!


I show you my Christmas coordinate! You might want to be wearing Kimono at Christmas day too 😉



Christmas coordinate




It is my one of the favorite Kimono,textile of snow*

And put Haori on Kimono.It seems snow also.


It doesn’t printing, woven pattern. This Kimono is only for winter so it’s limited Kimono, but I like it 🙂


The Snow man on the Obijime.



Santa Claus color


Red × White seems Santa Claus’s costume.


The accessory on the Obi express of present’ ribbon 🎀


The collar is Christmas tree🌲🌟


It’s also good to put Haori on Kimono if you feel cold*


And if you change to the another Obi, it looks totally different!

It’s same kimono but you might have different impression from the picture! It’s said three Obi for a Kimono in Japan.

So if you have three Obi for a Kimono, you can enjoy three type of coordinate looks like different Kimono*


Black formal


How would you like coordinate of black and gorgeous formal? There isn’t Christmas motif in that coordinate, but it’s expressing Christmas by colors of red,white,gold and green.


I put accessory on the Obi, it’s called “Obidome”. That Obidome is a brooch actually. I often put brooch on it as a Obidome 🙂



In conclusion


How was this topic? I hope you like it 🙂 Some Japanese people enjoy the Christmas events with their Kimonos so you could see them if you came to Japan at the Christmas time 🙂