Taboo things of Kimono!


There are many rules of Kimono.

For example, When you are indoor,you need to take your Kimono coat off but Haori is fine.

I’m going to talk about particularly rules of Kimono this time 🙂



When you wear Kimono with over the right side



When you put Kimono on, left side suppose to be over, but if you wear opposite side, it will be a dead parson.

I sometimes find parsons put Kimono on opposite side x(

That mean you are ghost…!



Kimono without a Tomeri



Tomoeri is a part of callor. There is Tomoeri on a long callor. Callor is easy to get dirty so if it get dirty, you can take Tomoeri off and washing!

But dead parson don’t need it that’s why.



Have you seen a Japanese ghosts?


By the way, have you seen a Japanese ghost?



Japanese goasts put a triangle material on their head.

That mean crown.

Long time ago, Family want to make a high position for dead parsons when they pass away. Even they didn’t high position.

That’s why traditional Japanese goasts put it on.



When you tie a Obijime…


When we put Kimono on, we tie a Obijime to hold a Obi.

The end of Obijime is suppose to tie from bottom to top.

But if you tie it from top to bottom like this picture ↓

It will be funeral wear.



In conclusion

How was the topic?

When you put kimono on, let’s check about them and then enjoy Kimonos 🙂