Which prefer to Soba or Udon? Where is the best place to have them?


What is Soba?



Soba is made from nut of Soba. They have different type of Tsuyu(soup) that color and taste strong or bland  for each places. Normally, taste of tsuyu is strong in North aria, and taste bland in west aria.


What is Udon?



Udon is made from flour. It’s type of thick noodle in Japan. But we use thin noodle for cold Udon.

Udon has long history than Soba.


Where is the best place to have…




I often see Soba restaurant at Tourist spots. I’m not sure why there are but I think these are pure water.

I show you the ranking of popular Soba restaurants.


1: 土家



You can feel good smell of Soba strongly. Delicious, reasonable and service is well.



4-18-1 Noguchi-cho higashimurayama-shi Tokyo


2: 薮蕎麦 宮本



Of course delicious, also this restaurant has a great atmosphere. You can enjoy good Soba with great vibe!


薮蕎麦 宮本(yabusoba Miyamoto)

253-7 Funaki Shimada-shi Sizuoka-ken



3: 玉笑



There is in Shibuya so good location. You can enjoy calm time in a relaxed atmosphere.



5-23-3 Meijijinu-mae Shibuya-ku Tokyo






1: 手作りうどん 楽々



Delicious and reasonable! Also so many menu!!

When you go to Osaka, let’s visit there*


手作りうどん 楽々(tezukuriudon rakuraku)

6-6-1 Isono Kouno-shi Osaka




2: 釜揚げうどん長田in香の香



If you like chewy noodle and soup of strong taste, you might like this Udon. So many people come there to have Kamaage-Udon from faraway.


長田in香の香(Nagata in kanoka)

1180 Motomura Konzouji-chou Zentuji Kagawa-ken



3: 谷川米穀店



Simple and delicious!! Also reasonable price

but… the restaurant is difficultly accessible by public transport. There is bus stop near by the restaurant but there isn’t enough buses.

So if you want to have it,you need to be determined to spend a whole day…!


谷川米穀店(Tanikawa Beikokuten)

1490 Kawahigashi Mannou-chou Nakatado-gun Kagawa-ken




I recommend you have them with…



with pork



Pork simmered with salty-sweet, then put it on Soba. And put Dashi on it. It is very rich and filling!


with Japanese white radish and Nameko mushrooms



When it is cold day,I recommend you this recipe. You will get warm and feels great going down!




with Abura-age



The brown square in the picture is called Abura-age.It’s made from Tofu. This type of Udon called “Kitsune-Udon” Kitsune means fox. It’s said that fox likes Abura-age so the name came from that reason.


with Tororo konbu



If you like sea weeds, I recommend you this recipe! Tororo konbu is kind of sea weed, it’s very healthy and delicious! Also easy to make it because only put Tororo konbu on the Udon.

You can add a boiled egg on it if you like 🙂



In conclusion

How was this topic?

Kagawa-ken is famous for Udon so if you visit there, you have to have it!!


Oh! And, we have Soba in New year’s eve and when we moved to new house.

There are some reasons.

For New year’s eve, Soba is very thin and long so you can enjoy longevity, also Soba noodles are able to cut easily so you can cut off the bad things.


For move, the ward of “soba” means “close” too, so that has meaning of ” we moved close to you” and “we want to stay close to you for many years”.

But it supposed to hand out to neighbors since Edo period. 


When you moved to Japan, let’s hand out Sbas to neighbors!