The best season for Peanuts in Japan


Japanese peanut


fukuya shouten

My home town is famous for Peanuts. They are cropped from October to November.

The mountain is called “Bocchi”. It is made to dry peanuts. Actually “Bocchi” is the point to make delicious peanuts!

You can dry them by machine to easily but it won’t be sweet. So making Bocchi and dry peanuts for taking time is very important! Bocchi is one of the Autumn features in my town.


How can I say peanut in Japanese?

The name of peanuts is 落花生(rakkasei) in Japanese.

落 means drop

花 means flower

生 means live


Have you seen the plants of peanuts?

Why it is the name… after flowers dropped down, kind of roots come up. Then roots become longer, and then it will in to the ground. Then peanuts grow up from these roots.

Dropped down the flower grow up as a roots again.

So the name came from that reason.



Kind of peanut

There are some kind of peanuts in Japan!


千葉半立(chiba handachi)

It is the most famous kind of peanut.

After fried, it will be flavorful peanut.


なかて豊(nakate yutaka)

It is the most easy to grow peanuts. The nut is big and sweet.



It grow up early, a shell pod is white and big. Satonoka is good to boil. It will be sweet.



It is biggest peanut! The nut is soft and very sweet!



Let’s try to cook boiled peanut!




Have you tried boiled peanuts? It’s very delicious so let’s try to cook it!


1: wash peanuts carefully(you don’t need to peel the shell pods)

2: boil some water in a big bowl,and add salt of 2 table spoons for 1ℓ.

3: boil Peanuts with shell pod about 30 minute.

4: try to eat a peanut and check the taste.



In conclusion

How was this topic?

When you came to Japan, please try to all kind of peanuts 🙂