New style of Haori


What is the Haori?


It is kind of coat of Kimonos. They started to wear Haori to get warm when they went to war like in this picture.


And then it got around to townsman in the Edo Period.

It was for man but Geisha became to wear it from Edo Period.

For now, we put it on Kimono to keep warm.



Commonly, inside of Haori has flowery textile than outside especially for men’s .


Because the government sentenced sumptuary law to people so they couldn’t wear gorgeous clothes if they have enough money. That’s why they hided flowery fabric in side.

I talked about history in the Samurai costumes deeply.


Let’s try to put Haori on!


But now, it’s becoming to wear them on clothes as a type of fashion!






In conclution


How was this topic?

Haori is reasonable than Kimonos so it’s easy to try on!

I hope you enjoy Haori 🙂