I bought some items at Daiso today


Have you been to Daiso in Japan?

The store sell soooo many aitems by 100 yen!!

There are some kind of store in Japan the name is Seria, can do, natural kitchen and more…! But Daiso is only the store in abroad I think, so you might find it your country!


How wonderful Daiso store!


There are sooo much stuff!! like kitchen, hair accessories, dairy necessities, hoods, toys, cosmetic items and more!!

When I have something I need, I go to Daiso first. Because there are allmost complete! And then if I couldn’t find I need, I go to other store.



I often went to Daiso in Canada


When I was living in Vancouver, I often went to Daiso store.

When I find it there, I was very surprised and very happy! Because of I’m getting use to buy Daiso’s items so I know what there are sell at the store!

I often buy some stationery items because it was expensive in Canada than Japan so…I didn’t work when I was a student so I didn’t have much money. So the Daiso was my good friend!lol


BUT!! Items weren’t $1 ^^; They sell mostly items for 100yen in Japan so I was little bit surprised but it’s ok! It is inexpensive still!


Also I like Dollarama 🙂 That’s good store too! They sell items for $1




What I bought today…?


Can you guess what is it?

Major? Compass?? Ummmm it’s close!!

It is compass cutter!!

I was searching for compass but I found it at Daiso today so I bought it:)

And then I tried it sooner!


Wowww!! It seems very useful! I sometimes need to make a pattern for kimonos and others so It might be good for them!!



But it the paper was little bit hard so I used the scissor finally… lol


And one more things…!


It’s a spray to avoid the static electricity! I’m afraid of it so… it’s a must item for me in winter.

You can apply that spray for your clothes, and then they won’t to occur the static electricity 🙂



And I bought some snacks but I ate everything before take pictures…


I will show you next time!!