How to take a train in Japan?


Have you took a train in Japan?



If you had been to Japan before, you must took some train to visit around Japan 🙂

I often see some tourists in treble how to get tickets to take a train…so I’m going to talk about it this time!

Also I introduce to you reasonable tickets 🙂



There are pass card


It is a Suica card. It’s type of pass card so you need charge it some money.

But it’s very useful to take trains because you don’t need to buy tickets each stations anynore!

Also if you bought it, you can use it for taking a bus and shopping!



How to get it is…


There are vending machine in each stations.


You can enter in English.


Then, changed in English and then follow the instruction!

If you want to know about it, please check the how to get Suica



「I have to take a train of Metoro…are there pass card…?」


Yes!! It’s called Pasmo. Almost same as a Suica card even how to buy it.




reasonable tickets



JR line has special reasonable ticket each places so you can check it on website!

Metro has one day pass so let’s check here!



Try to crowded train!!



Have you tried the crowded train?

If you take a train around 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm, you could experience like in the picture.

It’s called “tsuukin-rush”.


A man of staff push people and trying to close the door. You might be surprise to see that kind of situation.

BUT! It’s very casual daily scenery in Tokyo. x(

I have lost my one side shoes by crowded train…so I avoid to take it on the tsuukin-rush.



In conclusion

How was this topic?

Let’s get the reasonable tickets end enjoy the Japanese train!!