What is Samurai costumes?


What is a Samurai?


Samurai is a government officials mostly same as a Bushi.

They serve noble and high class governments.

Bushi has 6 classes.

Shougun, Rouchou, Hatamoto, Gokenin, Hanshu and Hanshi.

High class Samurai were able to survive only Samurai work,

but other Samurai weren’t so they had other woks.


They were allowed to work as a teacher(like swordsmanship) and farmer.

But they weren’t allowed to trade something so if Samurai got caught selling something on government, he have to seppuku.


Awww It’s scary….X(



Samurai costumes


casual wear



They wore Kosode for casual wear.

Depend on the trend but, usually Kosode is shorter sleeves and long collar than currently Kimono.

He put Hakama on Kosode in the picture but don’t need to put it on for casual wear. He little bit dressed up to take a picture I guess.



for work



They put Kamisimo on the Kosode for work.

There are many kind of Kamishimo but he wear kind of casual Kamishimo in the picture.

The most of formal one is longer and it’s hide their feet.You might see that kind of Kamishimo when you see Kabuki 🙂



for war



They wore Kacchu for war.

They has original Kabuto(helmet) each feudal domains.

I show you interesting Kabutos.


interesting helmets collection


遠州掛川 鎧屋

He put kanji of love on the Kabuto. It’s very famous one so you might have sew it before…!


naver matome

He might love rabbits maybe…?


sengoku guide

It’s too big!!


sengoku guide

And too long!!!!


sengoku guide

The fish on the Kabuto!

It’s looks heavy but it’s made of Japanese paper so it doesn’t heavy.


sengoku guide

He raised a clenched fist on the Kabuto.

The hand hold the Kongousho(金剛杵) to crush his worldly desire!


sengoku guide

It supposed to hold fan(called gunbai) by their hand but the commander put it on his Kabuto!

His name is Hideyoshi Toyotomi.


If you want to see any kind of Kabuto,let’s check here!



common people


They wore Kimono made of cotton or hemp.

It had been decided things to wear and hairstyle for each classes.

They lived a simple life so didn’t have so many Kimonos. So when they need to wear formal Kimono, it was common to buy Kimonos at the second store.



coolest guy in Edo period


But they were trend in Edo period!

It was very popular to wear Haori on Kimono! But the government prohibit to treat myself to people so they couldn’t put gorgeous kimono on.

But few rich people adamant to wear gorgeous Kimono…and then they focus to skills of materials.

At first glance, it looks very simple Kimono but it has so much details…! And they put gorgeous materials for the inside of Haori(jacket for kimono) and Juban(under wear for Kimono)


At first glance,it looks basic and classic but when someone take off the Haori and Kimono, you can see a cool fabric from inside of Haori, that style is called “Iki”.



kimono rakuan

For now, men’s Haori has cool textile inside too. You might find it when you come to Japan!



was it expensive the under wear??


They put Fundoshi on as a under wear but it was expensive.

So mostly people didn’t wear it usually.


Cool Funoshi are sell on website!




In conclusion




How was the topic?

I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

There are rental Kabuto in Japan so let’s try to be samurai!!