If you arrive at Narita airport,let’s go to Naritasan temple!!


「I’ve just got at Narita airport! Yey!!

Well, I’ll go to Tokyo so…I wonder how I can take a train…」


Wait a minute!!


Don’t you forget something to visit in Narita?

It’s Naritasan temple. It is very popular in Japan so you should go there if you arrived at Narita airport .

So I’m going to talk about Naritasan temple this time:)


Have you heard about Naritasan shinshouji?


Around Heian period, there were many war in Chiba. So people were feeling uneasy and confused.

On day, a Buddhist monk brought the Fudou-myou-ou(kind of statue of god) to Narita to help to people.

It is the start of Naritasan sinshouji’s history.


大本山 成田山

He is Fudou- myou-ou in the picture.

He is in the fire always to teach us about it’s very important to keep making an effort.



How to pray at Naritasan?

Naritasan is a temple so it’s different how to play at shrine.

A bow in front of the first gate.


Went through the gate and garden, you will see the Chouzuya on your right.

Then, wash your hand and in your mouth with the water.


You will see a big paper lantern and statue.


Went through a big paper lantern and go up to the stairs, you will see the Koukaku.

It’s said that putting this smoke on yourself will heal that part of your body.


You went in the main hall, make a bow and to worship with folded hands.

After that, make a bow again.


You will see the Ofudousama( Fudou-myou-ou-statue), make a bow and to worship with folded hands.

After that, make a bow again.

form大本山 成田山


There are park in the temple


There are many halls, towers and the park.

So you can enjoy natures with traditional Japanese buildings.



I recommend you the tea ceremony


There are the national tourist pavilion on the way to go to the temple.

You can join the Japanese traditional tea ceremony for free!

The tea is good also sweets are very delicious 🙂

It will be held every Thursday from 10:30am till noon.



Famous for eels

There are so many store and restaurants on the street to go to the temple.

Especially eels are very popular at Narita.

Also peanuts are famous in Chiba so let’s try to have any kind of peanuts sweets!!

In conclusion



How was the topic?

I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

And you might see these people in the picture when you got in the Narita airport.

Thank you for reading!