Lucky charms of new year


We have many Lucky charm in Japan.

So in this blog,I want to tell you about lucky charm of new year:)








The dishes that make up osechi each have a special meaning celebrating the New Year.


Ebi: It symbolizes a wish for a long-life, suggesting long beard and bent waist.

Renkon: They have some holes on it, we wish for be able to good of future outlook.

Tazukuri: The symbolism is of an abundant harvest.

Kazunoko: Kazu means “number” and ko means “child.” It symbolizes a wish to be gifted with numerous children in the New Year.

Red and white Kamaboko: Kamaboko’s shape is seems sunrise.Red mean of amulet,white mean of pure.

Kobumaki: It is associated with the word yorokobu, meaning “joy.”

Datemaki: They symbolize a wish for many auspicious days and academic achievement.

Kuromame: Mame also means “health,” symbolizing a wish for health in the New Year.





It has been believed that god of year reside with a round mochi.

And if we eat that mochi,we get power of god and be health.


We eat mochi as a Ozouni.





Watching sunrise



The sun has been subject to believe in a god from ancient.





Adult people give to children some money as an Otoshidama to celebrate.

When I was child,I was really exited about


Go to shrine



We go to Shrine and hope for it will be great this year.



And mostly people draw fortune slip.


Playing with Hagoita



It became to send Hagoita to the family that has a girl’s baby as a gift from around Muromachi period.

Then Hagoita became to sell as a toy for new year.

We play like badminton with them.


Playing with Kite



Tako introduced from China around Heian period.

It became to be popular to fly a tako from Edo period.



It will be lucky year if you had a dream of …



Have you hard about “Ichifuji nitaka sannasubi” before?

Fuji means Mt.Fuji,Taka means Hawk and Nasubi means Eggplant.

If you had these dreams for the first time of the year, it will be very lucky year for you!



In conclusion

When you visit to Japan for new year, Please try lucky charms:)

Thank you for reading!!