Go to Yourou-keikoku to see Autumn leaves!!


I went to the Yourou-keikikoku to see Autumn leaves.

It was very fun adventure so I want to recommend you.

Also there weren’t foreigner’s tourist.

And mostly staff of around Yourou-keikoku don’t speak English so it will be good practice to speak Japanese 🙂

You will find Japanese things you’ve never seen.


What is Yourou-keikoku?


tabi gurutabi

It’s called Yourou-keikoku for around Yourou river area in Chiba.

There are many waterfalls in Yourou-keikoku so very popular place with spiritual energy 🙂


Let’s go to Yourou-keikoku!


You need to go to Goi station by JR line,

and then take a local train called Kominato line or Satoyama trolley train to go Yourou-keikoku station!


It’s a Kominato train.

It was very old style but very pretty.


And you can enjoy beautiful rural scenery by the train.


It’s Yourou-keikoku station.

You can feel like time traveled to old Japan.


And you take a bus to go Awamata water fall.

The bus is in front of the station.


Then,I got off at the bus stop that one before the last stop.

A driver taught me it will be better to go around water falls

because there are resting area, washroom also bus stop on the top of Awamata waterfall.


I went through local area.

But there are small directions.



You might find some unmanned shop.


You will find some stairs to go down.


In to forest*



There are all paved road so easy to walk around river.

It was beautiful sunny day but leaves didn’t change color yet.


Finally I found the first water fall.

It’s called Bandai waterfall that mean for a long life and Descendant in prosperity.


I went to in to the forest.

And I finally found big waterfall!!


It’s the biggest waterfall in Chiba called Awamata waterfall.


You can see the waterfall at high place.

It was a nice scenery:)

BUT!! I couldn’t find 4 more waterfalls x(

There are actually 6 waterfalls.

I will find others next time for sure!


Let’s check the gurutabi website if you want to see all of them!


You can enjoy Onsen



There are some Onsen places even foot bath.


I tried foot bath at the Yourou keikou station for free!

Water looks little bit dark and carbonated .

It was very comfortable 🙂


Please try to go Yourou-keikoku!!

I recommend you definitely*



get off at the Goi station (by JR Uchibo-line),

then take a Kominato line or Satoyama trolley train to go Yourou-keikoku.

【best season】

spring to autumn (if you want to see autumn leaves, the and of November to beginning of December)



But some people think like


「  I don’t have enough time to visit Chiba…」


No problem!

Then I will recommend you another place in Tokyo!



One more recommend place




Mt.Takao magazine


The mountain is in the Tokyo and you can enjoy as a day trip.

It’s very popular Mountain!


Mt.Takao magazine



There are a lot of autumn leaves around a cable car.

So you can enjoy them even in the cable car 🙂


Mt.Takao magazine


You go up to the mountain, then you will find some food stands.

You can relax and enjoy some Japanese food with autumn leaves.




Mt.Takao magazine


That mountain is very popular and famous so it will be very crowded with visitors at the best season.

When you go there,I recommend you go to there early morning without weekend 🙂



at   Takao station or Takaosanguchi station

【best season】

middle to The end of November



In conclusion

Did you became to want to go there?

I hope you will enjoy Japanese Autumn!!