Let’s learn to a Japanese proverb and saying. Have you ever tell a lie?


Hi there!

Today’s Japanese proverb is lie.





Pronunciation is “uso happyaku”

That means A lot of lie and lier.


嘘 means a lie

八百 means 800


Uso happyaku literally means a lot of lie.








Pronunciation is “usotuki wa dorobou no hajimari”

That means To ling is the beginning of going wrong way.


嘘つき means liar


泥棒 means a thief

始まり means the beginning


It’s not good way to ling to someone make sad…X(

But some lie makes happy to someone so…next proverb!







Pronunciation is “uso mo houben”

That means ling is not good things usually but making happy to someone sometimes.


嘘 means lie

方便 means an expedient


What do you think to lie to make someone is good or not??

But that lie might be the truth…!






Pronunciation is “usokara deta makoto”

That means someone had intended to lie or joke but that lie will be true by accident.


嘘 means lie

出た means went out

実 means the truth



In conclusion


How was about the Lie?

There are many proverb about lie in Japan!

Let’s enjoy them together!!