Let’s learn to a Japanese proverb and saying Vol:1 Do you like dogs?


How many Japanese proverb do you know?

I’m going to talk about famous Japanese proverb from now!


Today’s proverb is… a dog!





Pronunciation is “Inumo arukeba bouni ataru”

That means you have some good and bad experience by make a move.

犬 means a dog

歩く means walk

棒 means stick

当たる means hit to something


Just do it before thinking too deeply!!






pronunciation is “Inu no tou boe”

That mean the weaker dog is barking from faraway.

犬 means a dog

遠い means far,faraway or distance

吠える means bark


(In a small voice…)A coward is bad-mouthing others or acting big so…X(



In conclusion


How was the topic??

I hope you have enjoyed it!


see you next time!!