How to hand sewing to make Kimono


How to hand sewing to make Kimono


I’m going to talk about hand sewing to make Kimonos this time 🙂

But you might use these skills for other things*


Nami-nui (running stitch)



We are using the thimble type of put it on middle finger.

The left hand just move up and down straightly.

The thumb and index finger follow the needle while push the needle straightly by your middle finger.


We are using that stitch for back and side seam regularly.



Hangaesi-nui(half back stitch)

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Back to the half length of stitch.



Hongaesi-nui(back stitch)

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Back to the length of stitch.






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It sew left side to right side.The front side is small stitches.

We are using it for making Obi often.




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I like and recommend you that stitch!

The needle go through in to a margin to sew up so you can hide the thread.




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Mimi-guke use for Yukata regularly.

The front side is small stitches also.




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We use it for the end of the stitch not to split.

Prick with a needle from left side to right side 2 or 3times.

And then tie down to the thread that you stitched before.




In conclusion



How was these stitches?

I’m sorry for these Video are only Japanese X(

I hope you enjoyed these stitches end useful for your hand made thing!!