Go to the Boroichi at Setagaya station


What is the Boro-ichi?


It’s kind of free market. Boro means ragged in Japanese.

Because of mostly store sell the used clothes so it became to called “Boroichi”


Boro-ichi at Setagaya station is very popular free market.

That will take place on 15th,16th December and 15th,16th January every year

so it’s easy to remember and take a holiday to go there!!


There are similar markets here in Japan called “Nomino-ichi” and “Kottou-ichi”.

You might find some special antique treasure there!!


How to enjoy it


They sell so many stuff of antique dishes,books,clothes,toys,kimonos and more!

Also they sell foods and plants.

It’s vary from place to place but there are food stands so just looking around and eating something is fun also 🙂



My recommendation’s Boro-ichi,Nomino-ichi and Kottou-ichi


Boro-ichi at Setagaya station


setagaya city

It started since 1578,it was called ” Rokusai-ichi” before then changed the name as “Boro-ichi”

since Meiji period.


There is famous Mochi(rice cake) it’s very delicious!! But it’s always long line so…x(

If you want to have it, you need to go there early morning!!


Place   Boro-ichi street at Setagaya station 

Day     15th,16th on December and January

Time    9am-8pm

admission fee:   free



Tokyo Nomini-ichi


tokyo nomino-ichi


It has been held 14 times until now. It’ kind of brand new Nomino-ichi.

There are food stands and forest so it will be fun to come there as a picnic!

Also there are over 200 original store so you might find something you want*


Place:   Tokyo oval keiou kaku (東京オーヴァル京王閣)

Day:     depend on the year but regularly around May or November so check the website

Time:    9am-5pm

admission fee:   500yen

Best free market


kokusai forum

It has been held every month so it’s very easy to go there!

I often went to the market to buy antique Kimonos when I was living in Tokyo.(Now,I’m in Chiba)


Location is very good!

Especially there are many Kimono shop and antique dishes shop.


Place:   Tokyo kokusai forum(near the Yurakusho station)

Day:     Enery month on Sunday(depend on the month about which Sunday check the website)

Time:   10am-4pm  ※canceled because of rain

admission fee:   free



Nomino-ichi at Tomioka hachimangu shrine


tomioka hachimangu kottou-ichi


It han been held every Sunday at Tomioka hachimangu shrine regularly.


Place:   Tomioka hachimangu shrine (near the Monzennakacho station 1 exit)

Day:     Every Sunday (change the schedule sometimes so check the wabsite)

Time:   6am-5pm

admission fee:   free


After enjoy the market, how do you go to the amazing Japanese garden?


go to park


It’s called “Kiyosumi sirakawa garden”

It’s very traditional and beautiful garden!!


I went to there and then took some pictures on May 🙂


Place:   2,3 choume Kiyosumi Koutou-ku Tokyo

access: Oedo line or Metro hanzoumon line at Kiyosumi sirakawa(E14・Z11 exit)

admission fee:  600yen



In conclusion


Do you became to want to go to the Nomino-ichi?

You might find special treasure 😉