Try the Okinawa foods!


What is The Okinawa?


The Okinawa is an island of Japan.

Blue sky, blue beaches, delicious Okinawa food and Okinawa dance…!

The Okinawa was the country so there are many own culture,foods and language.

Also there are beautiful materials for Kimono!


I’m going to talk about Okinawa food this time 🙂

When you red the article, you might want to be going Okinawa right now!



recommend you Okinawa foods

I’m going to talk about 5 famous Okinawa foods!


sata andagi



Sata means sugar and Andagi means Fried in Okinawa dialect.

The taste is sweet and fried which is exactly same as the name*

Faintly sweet and soft!!


okinawa soba


ぐるなび 沖縄版

Kind of noodle with pork, green onion and cocked egg.

They have different topping and soup each restaurant.




ぐるなび 沖縄版

The tofu usually made from soy but Jimami tofu made from peanut.

It’s more sweet and chewy!

I really love it!


Goya chanpuru


ぐるなび 沖縄版

Chanpuru means mixing or frying in Okinawa dialect.

It’s taste bitter but you will become addicted!




ぐるなび 沖縄版

Mimiga is made of the pork’s ear.

It’s taste crunchy and little bit spicy(depend on the restaurant) so it will give you a good appetite!


Recommend restaurant in Tokyo


【Okinawa suji gua sakaba kanoho】

沖縄スージグァ酒場 香の帆(kanoho)

The restaurant near by Shibuya station but like a secret hideaway!


沖縄スージグァ酒場 香の帆(kanoho)





The famous singer from Okinawa often went to the restaurant.

It seems very Okinawa and there are special event!





The store is in Ginza.

You can enjoy the classy room and dishes.


In conclusion


How was this article?

Did you want to became to have okinawa foods?

I did!!


Let’s try them!!!!