Good cost performance SUSHI!!


Do you like Sushi?


「Of course! That’s why I came to Japan!!

I want to have Sushi before I go back to my country but…

I don’t have enough money…」


Don’t give up!!!

You can have much Sushi if you have 1,000yen!!


So I’m going to talk about good cost performance Sushi restaurant this time 🙂


Only 100yen for a plate



Look at these pictures!!

I had salmon and squid for lunch.

That cost only 200yen plus tax.


I went to Hamazushi restaurant.



There are many store each places so you might find it near by your place!


Also I had Ramen !


The soup taste fish stock, it was delicious!

If you don’t like raw fish so much,don’t worry about it!

There are so many other kind of menus so 🙂


You can choose dishes you want by the touch panel.


And come through the line to your seat!

It’s a kind of sushi go round.


Mr.Pepper welcome to you


Mr.Pepper ask you “how many people” and “which is prefer counter seat to booth”

He is smart and cute!


Other Sushi restaurant



There are more good cost performance Sushi restaurant in Japan!

Please check them too 🙂

1.かっぱ寿司(kappa zushi)