Have you tried the Japanese Kotatsu in winter?


Do you know about Kotatsu?

Kotatsu are a type of traditional Japanese heater.


When I was living in Canada for over a year,

I really missed Kotatsu in winter, because I really live them!


So in this blog,I want to tell you all about Kotatsu and why they are so wonderfull!!



What exactly is a Kotatsu ?




We use kotatsu to stay warm in winter.

It consists of a heat source under a table with a skirt around it as seen in the picture.

We in to the Kotatsu,and then eat mandarin orange, drink a green tea and relax…


I often sleep in the Kotatsu but it’s not good idea.

Because if you sleep in it, you might get cold and dehydration!



Kotatsu plus 〇〇〇…


Kotatsu plus mandarin orange



We often eat the mandarin orange in the winter while in the Kotatsu.

Mandarin orange has a lot of vitamin so we believe that if we eat mandarin orange constantly,

we can prevent a cold so 🙂

And delicious!!!


Kotatsu plus green  tea




Kotatsu is about Eating mandarin orange and drinking green tea!

The green tea is good for health, diet … so many good benefit 🙂

I found good site to know about it, please check it!


Kotatsu plus Hanten




Hanten is type of padded jacket. It’s very warm and comfortable.

If your upper body feel cold while in the Kotatsu, you can wear the Hanten!



Let’s try the Kotatsu


I’ll introduce you some Place which is Kotatsu cafe or restaurant in Japan!


【Ryogoku terrace cafe】

Ryougoku terrace cafe


The Ryougoku terrace cafe is great location!

It’s just 6min by work from Ryougoku station.

You can enjoy the Japanese pottery,pizza,sweets and wine…with Kotatsu!



【cafe Stay happy at Shimokitazawa】


cafe Stay happy

There are hammock also.


cafe Stay happy


They use organic fresh vegetables and natural ingredents and seasonings, try not to use processed food 🙂

Also owner speak English so it will be helpful to you*


【Manjyu cafe Mugimaru at kagurazaka】




I really like that cafe!

If you want to enjoy the traditional Japan, I recommend you the “Mugimaru”

Especially if you like cat,I recommend you it because there is a cat in the cafe*



You can eat Manjyu, it’s kind of Japanese sweets.

If you like rice cake and red beans, you will be like it 🙂



In conclusion


Few years ago, the Kotatsu is thought lame because of it is old style.

Kotatsu has image that there is on the Tatami.

Yang people don’t like Tatami style that’s why mostly Japanese yang people didn’t use the Kotatsu.


But now,Price of Kotatsu even in Japan are being revised!


Let’s try it when you come to Japan in the winter!!